What we are?

By delivering the most comfortable patient experience from our front office to our clinical end. by gaining a thorough understanding of our patients dental health and goals. and by helping the to make the most informed decision about their treatment and financial options,

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We are smiles is a dental health service provider, it was founded in 2005 by Mr. Henry Vasquez. Since then Mr Vasquez has fulfill his vision to offer the most safe,caring,convenient, trustworthy and inclusive dental practice available. in 2012 We Are Smiles opened its state of the art location in Phoenix Arizona. with the most advance technology equipment available and A+ rated personnel. At We Are Smiles we contract dental providers that can offer a wide range of procedures with quality and experience, from General Dentistry, Implants, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics. we take quality very seriously. therefore we are Not competing against price or speed. 

Q: I don't Know when to bring my child to the dentist?

A: ADA recommends that children should be brought in to the dentist as early as 3 years of age.

Q: I'm worried that Ill be separated from my child during treatment?

A: At We Are Smiles we allow one parent per room to accompany their children during their dental treatment or new patient experience.

Q: I'm afraid that I wont be able to afford treatment?

A: We Are Smiles is partnered with Care Credit where you can get flexible payment plans and extended payment plans.

Q: I'm worried that you are to sell me something that I don't need?

A: Our Dentist are trained to be very conservative in other words we will call out all needed treatment in phases from the emergency treatment to

the optional treatment. every Dentist is trained to help you make the most informed decision on your dental health

Q: I'm worried that Ill get poor treatment, and my money will go to waste?

A: Dentistry is a science and prevention is the best. when a tooth hurts is too late to do a quick-fix. therefore the best habit is to get check up every 6 month to prevent big procedures and save you money.

Q: I'm afraid that this will not be worth the expense?

A: Your mouth is like the tires or engine to a car! we use it on a daily basis! and keep in it sharp is the best way to stay healthy.

How we help?