Did you know: LEDs are mercury free, safer for the environment and is a big step towards renewable energy cutting approximately 2/3 of the usage.

Improving your energy efficiency is the first and most important step toward adopting renewable energy.

The more efficient use of energy throughout our country results in less money spent on energy by

homeowners, schools, government agencies, businesses, and industries

We Are Smiles is Energy Efficient

Mercury Free – Unlike fluorescents, LEDs contain no mercury. This makes them safe for the environment.

Better Efficiency – The newest T8 LEDs are around 30% more efficient than T8 LFLs.

Lifespan – The average life of a T8 LED is 50,000 hours, versus only 30,000 hours for an average T8 LFL.

Shatterproof (potentially)  – Most T8 LED tubes are made with a shatterproof coating. With linear fluorescent,

you either had to specially order shatterproof fluorescent lamps or use a tube guard which was costly.

Because We Are Smiles believes energy efficiency is important!