28 million ​liters of toxic x-ray fixer

680 millionchair barriers, light handle covers, patient bibs

We Are Smiles Reduces Waste

Did you know, every year dental practices generate:

2 billionpounds of paper and cardboard

3.7 tons of mercury waste

​4.8 million lead foils

1.7 billionsterilization pouches

1. Infection control methods including disposable barriers and sterilization items and toxic         disinfectant
2. Placement and removal of mercury-containing dental material
3. Conventional x-ray systems
4. Water Waste from Conventional vacuum systems

5. Paper waste by using dental charts.

New products and technologies for cleaner, greener dental practices are emerging, allowing practitioners to mediate, or completely eliminate, much of this waste.

In many cases, the eco-friendly alternative better serves patient health and saves 

Five processes are responsible for most dental practice waste.